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One on One With Olivia Piana

How well do you know your favorite member of the 425pro Team? We recently checked in with our superstar paddler from France, Olivia Piana, for a behind the scenes look at her life and passions. Hey there Olivia, thank you for your time! Our fans have a few questions for you: 425pro: What is your favorite food? OP: My favorite food is Poke Bol and Hemp. Whole hemp seeds cooked in a pan with coco oil and "fleur de sel". 425pro: Which 425pro board and paddle is your favorite and why? OP: My favorite 425pro board is the Marara 14' x 22". This the perfect board for me, the best shape and adapted volume for my 65kg. I love the 425pro Paddle Weapon S medium shaft. The Weapon is one of the reasons why I joined 425pro!

425pro: What do you enjoy the most about paddling? OP: I love being on the ocean whatever the conditions. SUP allows me to surf every single bump on deep open ocean, it broadens the space of freedom! 425pro: If you are not paddling, you are most likely...? OP: I am recovering and enjoying time with the people I love. I am also addicted to shortboarding, outrigger canoeing, bodysurfing, foiling... I'm always checking the surf each day! 425pro: What is your most memorable paddling experience: OP: My favorite memorable moment was in Oahu at the Stand Up World Series final in 2013. I surfed until the finish line and I won the tie-breaker for 3rd place against the great Shannon Bell for one foot

! I did my best until the end enjoying every moment of this amazing event. Robby Naish, Dave Kalama & Co were watching from Turtle Bay Cliff!

425pro: What is your goal this season?

OP: I give all my energy for the SUP and in particular the female SUP. I search, I train more or "better", I find the inspiration thanks to the others ... I try to put the appropriate acts for the future of the sport that I like, in particular while supporting the best events for the pros and also for the amateurs. There is only one step left to go to the world championships! My goal is to tune all settings at the right time. Becoming a world champion is a way to spread the full meaning of SUP in my life, how to share it and be amazed by nature.

425pro: A tip for your fans?

OP: Have fun and trust yourself! The SUP brings us a panel of challenges, discoveries, joys and unlimited surpassing oneself. To let oneself be and to grasp every moment is the most precious thing that can happen along the way.

That's fantastic! Thanks again for your time Olivia! Have a great season!

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