The 2020 425pro Hybrid Carbon adjustable 3 piece SUP paddle combines durable construction, popular blade size and ease of transport. Our 3 pieces paddles are lighter, stronger and pack smaller than other paddles. They are ideal for travellers or paddlers with inflatable paddle boards or limited storage space. 

Our 425pro 3 piece SUP paddle blade can even be used for general use and ay type of paddling condition due to its strength and durability. 

Our 3 piece paddle comes with a matte finish design. 

To find the right length for you : 

- Add 6” to your height if you will be touring

- Add 4” to your height if you will be surfing.


Adjustable length: 67 inches to 83 inches

The 3 PIECE PADDLE package includes : 

  • The BLADE of your choice

  • An adjustable SHAFT (​​from 67 inches to 83 inches)

  • A handle

  • Shipping box