2019 AIR SUP RACE 14'


Our Air SUP race board has been designed to find the balance with speed and agility. This model is longer and thinner, with a pointy nose and a square tail designed to give the fastest glide and ride. The design and engineering make our AIR SUP Race board an avid racer and if you are planning on winning; this board is definitely a race-winning performance board. 


The AIR SUP race board packages includes : 

  • The AIR SUP RACE board (14'x26" = 10.7 kg)

  • A wheel back pack (1 kg)

  • A double body, triple actions manual pump (1,5 kg)

  • A full carbon high performance single fin (US Box) 

  • Shipping box (1 kg) 




SHAPE DETAILS : Pointy nose and front rocker BOARD OUTLINE : - Pointy nose - Round rails - Square tail BOARD BOTTON : - Flat bottom FINS DETAILS : - Single US Fins box - 1 Full carbon high performance fin - Recreational fin BOARD DETAILS :

- 1 D-Ring for anchoring at nose

- 1 D-Ring for leash at tail

- 1 Bungee cord at nose

- Premium quality inflating valve

- Classic handle at nose, center and tail


425pro FUSION TECHNOLOGY 425pro uses the best inflatable technology to produce all its Air SUP boards. After many researches and tests on our boards, we decided to produce all of our inflatable products with the FUSION TECHNOLOGY. Here are the reasons why the FUSION TECH is the best technology : DURABILITY - Your Air SUP is now more durable than ever because of the multiple strong layer coating that we use to develop our products. LIGHTER - The Fusion technology allows us to save up to 2kgs on the final Air SUP board during the production process, compared to the previous double layer construction. MORE STABILITY - It is important to mention that it is not because the board is lighter that you have less stability, in the contrary, this technology allows you to gain stability thanks to the shape of the boards. A BEAUTIFUL ADVANCED DESIGN - The FUSION TECH is the best technology from A to Z, leading to a perfect final design, with no wrinkles or flaws. A smooth feeling on the touch and on the ride. 425pro opts only for the highest quality materials in the development for all of its products and that is the reason why we choose all of our raw materials carefully. Here is the list of all the material we use to produce an Air SUP with our Fusion Technology : 1. Reinforced drop stitch 2. Ultra-light fusion composite 3. Core layer fused-on drop stitch 4. Rail (Layer 1) Rail core heat sealed 5. Rail (Layer 2) Rail core heat sealed 6. Built-in design EVA 7. Premium quality inflation valve 8. 4 D-rings loading straps for elastic 9. High quality neoprene handles 10. US Fin Box and Fiberglass Fins


We sell our 425pro boards, paddles and accessories in many countries worldwide, to view the full list and details of our international distributors and dealers, click on the link below : WHERE TO BUY ? If you are in the US, you can also buy your 425pro products online on our US Online shop : www.425pro.us


BOARD RIDERS : Beginners to Pro riders RACE TYPE : - Distance race - Technical race PADDLES RECOMMENDED : 425pro 3 pieces carbon paddles (adjustable) WEATHER CONDITIONS : - Flat water - Light wind - Strong wind


The recommended PSI is 15 to 18 PSI during use in water.

But if the board is stored or standing out of the water, even for a while, the pressure should be under 12 PSI, knowing that heat can increase the pressure quickly.


Our triple action quick manual pump is designed to quickly inflate your board to the recommended volume thanks to its two settings : low pressure and high pressure. Every AIR SUP comes with a manual pump. 


Our Air SUP wheel backpack is very easy to carry around. Designed for travel, it includes a lot of storage and will hold your board, paddle, fins, leash, and manual pump. To prevent from moisture, we added four drainage / ventilation sleeves of the bottom of the bag.  Included with your AIR SUP race 14'


The RECREATIONAL fin is designed for beginners with wider surface for more stability, but is still ultralight.

Delivered with your AIR SUP race 14'


Bungee rope at nose will let you secure personal belongings like a dry bag, extra clothes or water bottle to your board.

You can also use this bungee to pick up plastic rubbish in the water when you see some.


These padded carry handles are placed at nose, center and tail of your AIR SUP race board 14' and made with neoprene makes a huge difference in terms of comfort level, it will help you to carry your board on long distance to get to the water. 


This high pressure valve allows you to get the most out of your inflatable SUP. This adapter uses a compressor to inflate the SUP to the desired PSI without the labor. 

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