Our MOANA paddle is our new innovative blade we designed specifically for high level athletes in extreme good shape. The outline of this blade has been redesigned to allow for a stronger grip on water, while maintaining a slight flexibility. 

The main particularity is that we added two profiled rails on the blade edges. This new design allows to compress all the water pressure on the whole surface of the blade and undeniably give the best grip and an extreme power to each stroke despite its small surface. 

This blade can be used in any type of water conditions, and will be your best ally in your next race or competition.


Due to its specific features, this blade can also be enjoyed by beginners who need a lot more grip in water to overcome their lack of technique. Unlike other blades, the Moana has all the features that will help a beginner have a better and easier experience. 

Our 2020 Moana blade model comes with a matte finish design.

The MOANA BLADE package includes : 

  • The MOANA BLADE of your choice (S, M, L)

  • The SHAFT of your choice (XF, F, M)

  • A handle

  • Shipping box