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Dana Point California - USA - From September 29th to October 1st 2017

425pro will participate for the first time this year in the PPG (Pacific Paddle Games), aka one of the biggest SUP races in the world for 2017.

It will be the 8th international race 425pro will compete in this year, alongside the biggest SUP brands in the world. 

A race that brings together a mix of action, excitement, challenges and endurance that our riders have been preparing several months for. 

Our riders will take part in all the Elite races, bringing together the steps of long distance, as well as the technical races. 

425pro will be proudly represented by its loyal riders: 

  • Georges Cronsteadt (From Tahiti), who will ride a new 425pro prototype in 14’x23”, which will be used for the first in preview, during the PPG

  • Enzo Bennett (From Tahiti), on his OUTLAW 14’x23”

  • Didier Leneil (From France), on his OUTLAW 14’x24”

Arots Siaou Chin (From Tahiti), our young 16 years old team rider will also compete on the young elite races. 

  • Henere Harrys (From Tahiti), a young 19 years old Tahitian rider, who will be riding for the first time for 425pro, he also will be riding on the OUTLAW 14’x24”

  • Noïc Garioud (From New Caledonia) will also ride with his 425pro Weapon Paddle.

  • Olivia Piana (From France, sponsored by starboard), who will ride with her Paddle Weapon 425pro. 

Of course, depending on the weather conditions, our riders will be able to choose other models of boards, such as the PIN CODE 14’x24”, or the ARROW 14x23”. 

A typical physical training schedule for a 425pro rider is 2 to 3 intense training sessions per day. All of these trainings can be summed up to countless hours spent on the water. 

The training is divided into 3 different categories: 

  • Long distance trainings (which can last between 1 to 4 hours) 

  • Technical trainings, such as “beach start”, and buoy turns for an hour. They will also work on specific training, such as fractionated and pyramidal training.

  • Gym workout (traction, push ups, abs, jogging, cardio, etc.) are added to the training sessions on the water. 

It is a lot of work for our riders, and we hope there extensive trainings will pay off during this important event which will take place next weekend, from Friday September 29th to Sunday, October 1st, 2017. 

Come to support our riders directly in Dana Point California, or online by following the races in live through our Facebook and Instagram pages, where we will be posting and keep you updating from all the highlights of the event live. 

Huge thanks to all of our riders for their passion and dedication to this great sport.

Great thanks also to the airline company Air Tahiti Nui, which allows our 2 Tahitian rider, Georges and Enzo, to be able to travel internationally to the most important races since the beginning of the year. 

And finally great huge thanks to all of our 425pro Family members, fans, friends, followers etc… for your support and Addiction…

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