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425pro and Moorea Coral Gardeners, together to preserve the corals.

425pro is proud to announce its partnership with the ecological association MOOREA CORAL GARDENERS chaired by Titouan Bernicot. MCG is a Tahitian association based in Moorea founded in 2017 by young surfers, dedicated to raising awareness of coral reefs and organizing actions for their conservation and restoration. MGC also has an educational goal in intervening in schools and at conferences, to raise awareness of the protection of corals. The conservation of underwater habitats is one of the crucial issues of the 21st century, both for biodiversity and for the protection of marine resources, and this is why the 425pro family is committed to saving the lagoon and preserving the marine environments for future generations.

As part of the protection of coral reefs, 425pro finances the Moorea Coral Gardeners project and provides material assistance (inflatable stand up paddle) for actions organized in the lagoons. This project will allow the transplanting of coral cuttings into endangered reef areas. Once these small coral fragments grow, they will help recreate the coral environment and aquatic life will be reborn and reinforce the new reefs. Ecological reef transplants are one of the most effective methods for combating the destruction of underwater habitats.

Here's a little resume of why 425pro and team riders support the Moorea Coral Gardeners project: - Coral reefs are rich marine ecosystems located in clear tropical waters. - Reefs are home to more than 25% of all marine life, including more than 4,000 species of fish, 700 species of corals and thousands of other living organisms. - Coral reefs are the largest and most complex ecosystems on the planet. Due to climate change, pollution and poorly managed human activities, we have lost 50% of the coral reefs of our island of Moorea, Tahiti. Around the world, 20% of all reefs are already dead, and a large majority of them are very threatened. Scientists estimate that if nothing is done, there will be no more corals on the planet by 2050! BUT IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO ACT! For a few years now, actions have been taken to cope with this problem and to SAVE the coral reefs through the Education and of coral reefs restoration. The idea is to transplant coral cuttings into threatened areas of the reef to recreate a coral environment and healthy aquatic life.

(On the photo: Jerry Mihimana, Titouan Bernicot, Heilani Cronsteadt, Sylvana Ozbolt, Olivia Piana, Ohana Huber, George Cronsteadt, Ricky Aitamai, Nats Teriitahi, Romuald Mamadou, Ariihau, Manarii, Aroma) Georges Cronsteadt: "At work trying to save our lagoon! Our corals have suffered serious damages, many fishes have disappeared from our lagoon, and we must now put our energy to change this to preserve the marine environment for the future! Thanks Moorea Coral Gardeners and 425pro for helping us learn and do something for the future of our lagoon !!! Everyone is concerned, almost every day we "use" the lagoon without paying attention to our actions !! We must change our habits and actions if we want our children to have a beautiful place to live tomorrow !!! Mauruuru ". Would you like to know more about their project and also want to support them? Discover in detail the MOOREA CORAL GARDENERS project on www.mooreacoralgardeners.com

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