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Why You Should Consider an Inflatable SUP?

Do you have an inflatable SUP in your quiver? If not, you should! Here are a few reasons why: Ding Resistant for Life. Hard boards are great, but their pristine showroom quality will fade after a while. They will be scratched. They might get chiped. They may get dinged. All these things are going to have a negative impact on your day. None of these things will happen to an inflatable SUP, neither during transport nor while you paddle.

Easy to Store. Do you have storage problems at home? Many people have it. With an inflatable SUP, you can store it in a closet, in a storeroom or in a corner of your garage without having to worry about moving everything to access it.

Easy to Transport. Hard boards are big. They can be heavy. They are awkward to maneuver. All our inflatable SUPs come with a backpack. An inflatable SUP can be rolled out and easily placed in the trunk of your car. No need to buy board racks, straps or rack pads. They are also easily checked in as luggage when flying, cruising…

Easy to Share. Because it is not fragile, you can easily lend your inflatable SUP to all your family members and friends, and even go on water with your pet. You will not be afraid to lend your SUP to share your passion with those you love.

Versatile. At 425pro we have 9 inflatable SUPs models for everyone! Kids, yes have fun! Is yoga your thing? We’ve got two models to choose from! Gone fishing? Take our Air SUP Fisherman out and cast away! Racing? Check. All around cruisers? Yep, we’ve got’em. Do you have a group of friends you always paddle with? Our monster sized Air SUP GIANT models are for you!

High Technology Manufacturing. 425pro uses the FUSION TECH to merge the first layer with the drop stitch rather than stick it as before. So, it's stronger and lighter. Our drop stitch guarantees very flat and rigid surfaces. 5mm EVA pad hight quality. 80%. That's what inflatable SUP sales represent in 2018, so why do not you?

Easy to have Fun. Check out our lineup of inflatable SUPs at www.425pro.com

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