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ENZO BENNETT, the Tahitian Pearl

An interview with our team rider Enzo Bennett, just back from his trip to Europe where he participated in 3 stages of the 2018 Eurotour SUP. FYI: Enzo is one of the nominees selected by SUP Connect to become the "Man of the Year 2018"

425pro: After your 3 stages of the Eurotour SUP (Bilbao in Spain, Hossegor in France, Scharbeutz in Germany), can you tell us your results? Enzo B: In Bilbao, Spain, I finished 11th. In Hossegor, France, I finished 6th in race distance and 5th in Beach Race. In Scharbeutz, Germany, I finished 16th. A little disappointed with this last result because I had a technical problem. 425pro: Which stage did you prefer and why? Enzo B: Each stage had its specialty. In Bilbao we had a beautiful setting. It was wonderful. In Hossegor, it's the ocean side that I liked. In Scharbeutz, we rowed in a lake with a very beautiful scenery. But that's still Hossegor my favorite, it's where I could express myself at best and where I realized my best results.

425pro: How did you find the SUPers European level? Enzo B: The level of the European SUPers is really high, we must give ourselves all the means to enter already in the top 10. But with a lot of work and perseverance we can all get there. 425pro: You live in Tahiti all year, how do you manage your logistics (housing, transport, equipment ...) when you are in Europe? Enzo B: For us Tahitians it's really hard to export, but thanks to the help of our airline Air Tahiti Nui we can participate in some races outside. Logistic level and transport, we are lucky to have our sponsor 425pro who helps us a lot, and also thanks to some riders of the Team as Olivier Darrieumerlou, Didier Leneil and Leandro Cruz for example.

425pro: What is your racing program now? Enzo B: At first, finish the championship races in Tahiti. In a second time and at the international level, my next race will be the Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge at Hood River in late July and the Pacific Paddle Games in Los Angeles in October. 425pro: What's your goal this season? Enzo B: My goal is to be ranked in the top 10 world, something that will be difficult but I will give it all to get there.

425pro: Your favorite dish before and after a race? Enzo B: My favorite dish before and after a race, without hesitation SASHIMI with rice. 425pro: A tip for your fans? Enzo B: Set goals, try to accomplish them by loving what you do and sharing with others. Mauru'uru, Thank you, Thank you !!!

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