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Haniarii, a talented young vahine

Today, we present Haniarii Brillant, the youngest rider in the Team 425pro. Energetic, motivated and always smiling, this young vahine has everything to succeed in her passion, the Stand Up Paddle.

425pro: Hi Haniarii, can you please introduce yourself to our readers? Haniarri B: "ia ora na" (Hello in Tahitian), my name is Haniarii Brillant, I am 15½ years old and I am in first class. I live in Paea on Tahiti, a small island lost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. 425pro: How did you come to the SUP and how old did you start? Haniarri B: My father, Arii Brillant, is a fan of sport and more particularly sports boards. He was passionate about SUP a few years ago and then 2 years ago started in the championship of Polynesia. It is natural that he introduced me to SUP. Living by the sea, feet in the water, I practiced in my lagoon for fun whenever the opportunity arose. Over the months, my competitive spirit quickly took over and I became interested in the "Air France Paddle Festival" ... training coached by my father then began. It was in 2016, two years ago. 425pro: Do ​​you practice other sports besides Stand Up Paddle? Haniarri B: I practice va'a during school and participate in all the competitions of my High School; then from time to time surfing and basketball ... finally, sports that my father practices and to which passion has rubbed off on me!

425pro: What are your best results in SUP? Haniarri B: This season, during the "Waterman Tahiti Tour 2018", in the first round (in March) and the third round (in May), I placed 3rd in Open Women at the SUP Race. In Round 5 of last Sunday at Teahupoo, I finished 4th in Open Women and first Junior.I also reached the top step of the podium at the 425pro / Air Tahiti Nui Paddle Royal Race (in May) in my junior category. 425pro: What is your training program (on the water and on land)? Haniarri B: I am fortunate to live by the sea and to have my father as a coach; so he is the one who is developing my training program with mostly water sessions because I have to share my free time with my private pilot license program. If I'm not in the air, I'm on the water.

425pro: Do ​​you pay attention to your diet? what's your favorite dish ? Haniarri B: I try to discipline myself and eat more often balanced. Which is not very obvious for me because I have a penchant for pastries. My favorite dish ? Difficult to name one, but as long as it is accompanied by french fries, it suits me. 425pro: Why did you choose to join Team 425pro? Haniarri B: I joined Team 425pro for two reasons. The first is the powerful equipment. When I had the opportunity to ride a 425pro board, I immediately liked the feeling, the glide and I felt that I was one with her. Second, the team is just super nice! Riders form a close family where communication, bonds of mutual aid and solidarity take precedence. The 425pro Family believes in me and supports me thoroughly, it is not small for me! 425pro: What is your board and your paddle of the moment? Haniarri B: The 425pro Arrow 14X23, a real arrow as the name suggests. She is super light and fast. My paddle, I use my brand new 425pro Weapon small, it is super light and very effective, I love it!

425pro: What are your sport goals in the short, medium and long term? Haniarri B: In the short term on the season, my goals would be to finish the Polynesia championship with a good ranking in women, to participate in the "Pacific Paddle Games" in Los Angeles in a few months and then race the Elite of the "Air France Paddle Festival" next year. Medium, I would like to export myself to rub elite international; and in the long run, do like the riders of my 425pro Family, enter the international ranking. 425pro: You already have a lot of fans, do you have a word to say to conclude this interview? Haniarri B: I would like to thank them warmly for their support, which coupled with my competitive spirit encourage me and allow me to surpass myself when I think I have more "juice" on the races. Thank you from the heart ! (Mauru'uru maita'i)

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