Our best competition shafts are ultra light and are available in tapered shape. 

They come in 3 levels of stiffness: Extra Flexible, Flexible and Medium. 

Depending of their level of stiffness, they will be able to bend and improve efficiency in your stroke.


The flex of the shaft is very important. It affects the overall performance and feel of the paddle. The more a shaft will be stiff, the more it will offer a lot of resistance as you pull it through the water. The benefit is that resistance directly translates into power and therefore speed.  If you are an experienced racer you most likely will be looking for a medium shaft.


On the other hand, the primary benefit to a Bent Shaft in SUP is how it naturally aligns the wrists of the rider in a more ergonomic position, no matter how tightly the paddler grips the shaft. 


However, for most riders, we still recommend Flex shafts to prevent muscle injuries and keep power for long distance (The stiffer the paddle, the shorter the distance).

We also recommend the Extra flex Shaft for small size paddlers and kids (The shorter the paddle, the stiffer it will be).

To be able to keep flex in short shaft, we recommend the extra flex. 

All our 425pro shafts comes with a matte finish design.




EXTRA FLEX SHAFT: Perfect for kids and paddlers of short stature

FLEX SHAFT: Prevent muscle injuries, perfect for long distance 

MEDIUM SHAFT: This shaft is our stiffest shaft, good for short distance and very powerful for fit paddlers.