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"Since April 2017, I use exclusively the 425pro Weapon Signature Georges Cronsteadt paddle.

I chose it with a medium blade to have a good frequency / power ratio for my downwind outings that I do mainly in Guadeloupe. This allows me to put the frequency in my rowing to catch the bumps and also have a very good propulsion with each stroke of paddle, even on flatter areas.

The blade is easy, it does not skid, it is long and fine thus allowing to seek deep where the water is harder and where it undergoes less disturbance.


Regarding the handle, I also chose medium, for a bit the same reason as the blade and also to have a good compromise between nervousness and flexibility in the neck, so you can row a long time and keep a proper gesture throughout of my sessions on water.

The handle is super comfortable, it fits perfectly the palm of the hand, while flexibility. Top !

To talk about weight, it's simply the lightest paddle I've had since my SUP debut in 2012.

My Weapon measures 190.5 cm and weighs 395 gr. SOOO light !!


To conclude, this Weapon is versatile, I use it even for my sessions SUP surf and SUP foil."

425pro rider - PADDLE (Weapon blade)


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"With the Weapon size M blade and M handle, I finally found the perfect weapon to row!

Ultra comfortable with ultra light weight and a top comfort handle. She accompanied me in all my ultra marathon races this year ... Rennes la mer, dordogne intégrale, Yukon river quest, 24h world record, more than 1400 km in 10 months and not a blister!


The blade is magical, no turbulence, the entry and the exit of water are super clean! the dream!


After 7 shoulder operations and having tried a multitude of paddles, I can say with all honesty and frankness that this is the best paddle I have ever been rowed!

No shoulder pain, unlike other models! It is an incomparable comfort!


Thank you 425 for this little gem!"

425pro rider - PADDLE (Weapon blade)

Sebastien LE MAUX


"I use the weapon paddle in size L and the shaft in rigidity M.

For me it is the perfect combo, the pale well narrow that hangs the water to perfection which will provide an excellent point of attachment for the pivot movement which is essential to an efficient train.

The shape of the blade is studied so that it is stable in all kinds of conditions.

For the handle, the M model is the perfect limit between a rigid handle and a flexible handle. it provides a good bounce that is excellent in raises to catch bumps or for sprints in beach racing.

The size L weapon paddle is the perfect ally for the powerful rower who loves long distances and has fun in the surf as well as in Downwind.

If this train is associated with OUTLAW or MARARA! You will be untouchable in downwind."

425pro customer - PADDLE (Weapon blade)

Nicolas NEYNET

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"Here are my feelings about the 425pro weapon paddle.

# The blade:

I use a size M. which I think is well adapted to my size and my way of rowing.

A fairly elongated shape that allows easy rowing frequency and switch to a more powerful technique without much disruption. The entry into the water is clean, the flow of water is seine surely due to this shape a little convex from the top of the blade and a good grip in the water. I have a carbon model without abs, very light and nice. I just love it!

# The pommel:

Olive-shaped, very nice, good grip, the seal with the handle is low enough not to interfere and accentuate the irritation in the palm of the hand.

# The handle:

I use a handle M. Slightly conical, the flex distribution is more pleasant and less traumatic for the joints. Very light, I think it's a big highlight for long distances. The diameter is very good, it allows a good grip.

# Balance sheet:

The weapon is a very good SUP paddle , relatively versatile.It has a lot of assets and very competitive to the best paddles on the market."

425pro customer - PADDLE (Weapon blade)


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"I just tried the 425pro paddle tonight.

It is perfectly dressed in the wind, very well cut to catch the waves.

It also relieves the forearms during the effort!

It is magic! No regret !"

425pro customer - PADDLE (Weapon blade)


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"I love The Weapon paddle more than any other paddle I have tried.

It is so light for faster turnover and stroke rate.

I have sold all my other paddles…


This is the ONLY one for me!!! :) "

Erika L. (Florida USA)

425pro ambassador - PADDLE (Weapon blade)

Erika LANE


"So the first good surprise is undoubtedly its weight. All my family and all the people we could do the Weapon, are unanimous, it's super light even ultra light and it's really cool already in terms of comfort.

Then, the handle, shaped olive, it is very pleasant to the touch and does not hurt the fingers unlike a handle in "T" on which, I was able to damage the tendons. I also find that it is easier and instinctive for the change of hand.

We use the Weapon in a broad and versatile way, both at sea, in lakes or river and rather for our part for a leisure practice because we are very rarely competitions but it is not for all that we did not feel its potential and exceptional performance.

This paddle is very instinctive and at no time we thought it was difficult to use (no shear, no turbulence), it is very fluid and also offers a very good grip. Side performance, I am also served, it's like butter and it is also counting on its power because even with such a small size of pale, it has everything a great ... I'm not to put myself in the muscle to exploit this formidable weapon of the SUP.

By giving me this paddle with these specific dimensions, I thought I would be the only one to use it and yet today it is not the case, my wife also uses it for cruising.

In short we love it and really recommend it to everyone whatever your level."

425pro customer - PADDLE (Weapon blade)

François EDET


"I started using the Weapon S recently and I find it really great!

On all the paddles that I have tried, it is for me the best. I love rapa!

It slides very well in the water and makes me at the same time, paddle faster.


It's very nice to row with, it seems easier, and so it makes me feel less tired.


I really love the feeling of this Weapon paddle."

425pro customer - PADDLE (Weapon blade)


Olivier D.png

Great winner of the famous "11 City Tour nonstop race" (More than 24 hours)

"The first sensation that surprised me when I first used the weapon is the ease of use, as if I already knew and used it for a few months.

The entry of water is perfect, the holding of the pale is wedged and stable on all its way and the exit of water is fluid without any restraint or tailgating. In fact it is all the aspects I was looking for in a performance and upscale paddle.

A sleek look and a beautiful ergonomic shape that make the best Weapon SUP paddle !!!


Last important detail, the weapon paddle is delivered with pommel and pale pre-glued which allows an easy and fast assembly. I built it with great ease because the pommel and the pale are already pre-glued, I tested it for 30 minutes and the next weekend I went down 60KM of river on the Adour Challenge ! The paddle is super light, fluid and very effective. In fact, it adapts to you. The Weapon paddle is an oar that has been struck by grace :) 


I use WEAPON pale M paddle and Flex handle for ultra-long distance and Medium for long distances and beach race. In summary I would say that the paddle in SUP is facilitated thanks to this paddle. This is the weapon to have in his quiver!"

425pro customer - PADDLE (Weapon blade)


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"I could not be more satisfied with my Weapon paddle !!

I'm used to train every day and since I am using the Weapon paddle, I don't get any tendinites anymore, I do not get enough of this paddle. 

I personally use the Weapon Medium, the catch and the output of the water is just magic!


Try it, and you will adopt it!"

425pro rider - PADDLE (Weapon blade)

Leandro CRUZ

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