1. What’s it like being a 425Pro Ambassador?

I feel so glad and honoured to be a part of the 425Pro family. 425pro is a brand that is globally renowned and I am proud to represent a leading innovator of boards.

2. Which is your favourite board from 425Pro? Can you tell us why?

I love all the 425Pro boards. I know you might think I have to say that because I work for 425pro, but it’s true! I love watersports and just being on a board. For me, I’ve been surfing since I was a kid, and 425pro boards bring me that kind of joy! When I was 15 years old I've decided to be more focused and I started to understand surfing as a sport and I always choose 425pro when I go out on the water. And coming back to your question, I can’t choose just one!

3. Could you tell us about the best session you’ve ever had with a 425Pro board? 😃

The best and most unforgettable experience I have ever had with a 425Pro surfboard was a session at my home spot with magic waves. That feeling of smooth flight when you’re riding a wave is second to none.

4. How did you meet Jerry?

I met Jerry for the first time at one of the Rip Curl stores in Denpasar, Sanur. While I was working there, Jerry came in with a new board that didn’t have a deck grip on. So, I helped to put the new deck grip for him. and our love story has started haha !

5. Do you have a message for those who can’t surf yet because of COVID restrictions?

I do hope that this pandemic will pass as soon as possible. I hope we can go back to normal, especially in Bali, the best destination to get back on those waves!