ABOUT 425pro

425pro was born in Tahiti and proudly experienced from generations to generations into paddle sports. All our projects are based on this cultural heritage. We never give up and always try to improve and get closer to perfection. Why 425pro? We decided to choose 425pro as our "brand name" from our slogan “Addicted 2 Sup” and by changing the initials (A2S) into 425. Our founder, Jerry Mihimana has 35 years of experience in paddling and shaping outrigger canoes. He was introduced to stand up paddling and has been ADDICTED TO SUP ever since. As soon as the ADDICTION took hold Jerry started to develop stand up paddles, inflatable and composite boards. The results were so amazing that everyone around him wanted to be part of the project. Prior to his introduction to SUP, Jerry spent most of his life practicing the sport of outrigger canoeing; a very popular sport in both Tahiti and Hawaii. During his 35+ years practicing outrigger at a very high level, he became passionate about his equipment and built a reputation as a renowned shaper for outrigger paddles and canoes.



If you can build a canoe out of it, Jerry has worked with it. As a shaper, Jerry has worked with almost every type of material imaginable: wood, fiberglass, innegra, kevlar, polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy, foams, all kinds of carbon, and all the latest composite materials. He took his extensive knowledge of building superior equipment and translated it into stand up paddling. In his quest to improve SUP technology, Jerry has become well versed in every technique used to build an amazing watercraft; designing, creating, hand shaping, machine shaping, fluid technology, vacuuming, and many other techniques have been employed to build near perfect paddles and boards. ​All of our boards are shaped and designed by real professional riders and developers driven by Jerry Mihimana, through his years of experience in shaping. In 2020 we established a successful partnership with Prestol Composites, an EU composite manufacturing expert who now is producing most of 425pro boards. Prestol is the region leader in composite production, specialized in production high-tech carbon fiber sports equipment – Olympic sprint kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, bobsleighs, luge and skeleton sledges. PRESTOL and 425pro office in Riga, Latvia is run by real watermen. Oto Dzenis was a professional sprint canoe paddler, he has always developed boats and paddles, which led to establishing PRESTOL. Now Oto has turned his attention to stand up paddling, kite boarding and boating. Reinis Abele, who is now the CEO of 425pro and manages the day-to-day operations, also has spent most of his life on water. Coming from a financial management background, he has developed businesses in the marine industry: rebuilding marinas, building and chartering sailboats and even becoming commercial sailboat captain to take his boats across the oceans. 

425pro is a collaborative effort

We are honored to have some of the best international paddlers as part of the 425pro Family, and our riders are extremely happy with their 425pro equipment. Jerry works closely with all the riders. They work together and exchange ideas to fine tune paddle and board designs. All of our athletes push themselves to create better and better results, and it makes sense to find tune designs to help give them a little extra edge. There are always boards and prototypes being tested by Jerry and riders in Bali and in the test center in Riga. 425pro is always looking to create what’s best so that the benefits can be enjoyed by everyone: friends, family… YOU!


The Tahitian brand is now manufactured in the EU, in the capital of Latvia – Riga. 425pro is also represented in countries around the world. You’ll find 425pro in countries like France, Germany, Latvia, Brazil, Australia, Canada, Ukraine, Qatar, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Tahiti. If our web shop does not offer automatic shipping to your area please contact us. We are very open to consider new dealers who are ADDICTED 2 SUP and want to represent the 425pro brand. Contact us today and we’ll get you started. Our doors are always open to new members. We would love to welcome you to join the ADDICTED 2 SUP family through memberships, blog post, multimedia sharing, and social media. However you want to connect, let us know. See you on the water! And remember, you must live your dreams as deeply as possible.