We designed this board for both:

 Beginners who want to enjoy downwind cessions without struggling with balance and lack of power.


• Advanced riders for extreme downwind conditions over 30 knots of wind. 

Why is this board perfect for beginners? 

We had the idea to work on this board when we realized that more and more people got exited about the downwind trend. 

But it was not accessible to beginners. 

Because if you don’t have enough skills you don’t go for a downwind. 

So we concentrated our efforts on stability, but on ease to catch bumps. 

Everyone deserve to feel this pleasure of pure glide. 

Imagine being able to paddle on a downwind for the first time of your life without even having the skills for it. How exiting is that!!! With the BIG WIND, it’s now possible. 

Why is this board also for advanced paddlers?

Our first target was not advanced paddlers. 

But when we created this magical board, it happened that some our best riders got their craziest sensations on extreme downwind conditions. (over 30knt)

They were stocked to notice that they were faster than on their elite boards. But why?

The BIG WIND is very stable and very fast on big bumps. It gives to the rider so much confort and precision that they can keep power til the end of the run.

Without struggling for balance, they stay more focused on bumps and strokes. 

Magical board for best downwind sensations. 



2021 big wind



Our race board bags are made out of the highest quality materials to protect our boards during travels.The internal isothermal liner will protect boards from high temperature. They include an accessories pocket for fins and leash (while also keeping your board and accessories well-protected along the way.


The DOWNWINDER race fin has especially been designed for downwind purposes, but can also be used in any conditions. The anti weed angle is perfect. The fin gives a great manoeuverability to the board with less drag. Delivered with a downwind fin bag.  


Our new heavy duty coiled SUP leashes are highly durable, light weighted and stays out of your way while you're paddling, allowing you full freedom of motion. It can extend to 8 feet and features 2 in-line swivels which keep the leash from tangling and ensure maximum maneuverability. Our 2" wide padded calf strap provides all-day comfort.​


Our high quality SUP handles are extremely comfortable and ergonomic. Perfect for handling and carrying on long distance walk. They are built with a soft contour grip.Made with high quality nylon and injection folded rubber.


Our new 425pro innovation SUP Deck pads are providing and awesome grip, and are making your OUTLAW race board look fantastic with this modern design. Super soft under your feet with great grip texture, absorbing weight and shocks and reducing foot fatigue, especially in longer distance.


Our OUTLAW race board come with 1 front GoPro plug, 1 GPS plug, 1 front leash plug and 2 tail leash plugs.Made with durable nylon plastic and stainless steel parts, they are all handy and easy to use!