To develop our future boards we are working closely with our team riders, and schools to make sure our boards are for any kind of riders. Lastly our partner from Blue Pearl Experience in Qatar, Jonathan Le Marchand, have been working on the future 425pro Wingboard. You can find his feedbacks below.

Review of our custom prototype 4.10 x 24.5.

"I weigh 90kg been riding for 18 months now and do anything from wave ride to downwind to flat water basic free style air.
What I was looking for in a board was something that could get me going in a variety of conditions with various size wings from 11knots up to 40 odd knots.

It needed to be stable easy to start from knees for such a small board, needed to have good bit of volume in nose to bounce up from bad landings from jumps, double concave, to flat mid section and a short beval at the back and sides.

This board is 4.10 x 24.5 and is 73.8litres, 5.3 kg with straps and pads.
Another one of the stipulations in the design it needed a slightly pointy rounded nose because it looks much better than a flat tea tray of a board, also the board needed to look like something you would put on a wall, a work of art and with Tahiti based graphics it looks stunning.

The board rides really well and is beyond anything I have owned and ridden up to this point. Last two days on the water has benefited my air game and is starting to make decent improvements due to the stiffness and nimbleness of the board."

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