For more than 30 years board production industry has kept repeating the same pattern over and over again. But our world is changing significantly, so it’s the time for us to make a step forward. We want to be the leader in what we do, and to show everybody the new way of how this industry should work to be sustainable and friendly to the Blue Planet. In 2021 425pro is reaching another level - with everything happening nowadays globally, it was only natural for us to develop a new strategy of business. This strategy keeps growing our brand while minimizing environmental impact. New world, new rules.

 To work on this new strategy we’ve started to work with very talented individuals, who push all aspects of work and expectations to the maximum. What are those expectations? To keep providing you the best boards on the market and accessories matching them, while making an impact on protecting the environment around us. Starting from the beginning of 2021 425pro have established two product development and production locations. Why two? Keep reading to find out.


The global shipping overload of the last 12 months has showed everybody the impact of shipping on product availability and on the environment as well. With this issue on our table, we decided to produce closer to customer

Jerry Mihimana, the founder of 425pro, has been doing some of his best work on the 2021 collection. Him shaping canoes and boards for more than 35 years, the quality and performance of his shapes has made him famous and pushed the recognition of the 425pro brand globally. Now Jerry is running the 425pro branch in Bali, where he has been living and developing boards since 2017. Now board production for Asian market is starting in Bali as well. This is the perfect choice as Jerry spends a lot of time at the factory providing hands-on quality control and making sure the production is going according to schedules. Bali branch is taking care of our customers in Asia and Pacific regions.

The other branch of 425pro is based at Prestol Composites in Latvia. Prestol is an EU composite manufacturing expert, specialized in producing high-tech carbon fiber sports equipment. The business partnership between 425pro and Prestol is providing 425pro many new technology advancements that this industry have not seen before.

The first reward of this partnership is the amazing new carbon prepreg hollow construction Manea H2O SUP race board. The factory in Latvia produces full range of 425pro hard boards, providing so much better 425pro product availability in Europe. Latvia branch is taking care of our customers in Europe and North America – the two of our biggest markets.


As we have reached next step in product development and production, we’ve also reinvented logistics and marketing team. It’s most important for us to spread the 425pro spirit and philosophy. We have spent so much energy to create the 2021 range; now it’s time to grow our community!

We are excited that Martin Ferrand has joined 425pro as our Marketing Manager. A very talented and passionate person, he has been working for the biggest brands in our industry and proved his skills. Now that he is a part of the 425pro family, he will expand our brand name with his team. With a very clear vision of our industry Martin is changing the way we are perceived in the market and by you – our customer.


Stay tuned as many great surprises are on the way. Don’t hesitate to interact with us if you have any suggestions or want to be a part of our community. Find and follow 425pro on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Linkedin. Our social media always have the latest on all things 425pro!